Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red and Gold (Tape Manicure)

A manicure that takes patience is a tape manicure. Why? Because you have to sit there and wait for the polish to dry before you can go on to the next part.  Thankfully I have trusty ol Seche Vite for that to speed things along.  Now some of you wonder how I have the time to fit in a mani when I work till like 6:30 or 7:00 every day and then I head over to the gym to get a few miles in and then commute home to  jolly Brooklyn, NY.

On a typical day, I hit the gym around 7, then I'm outta there at 8:30, grab a bite to eat and then get home around 10ish.  This is like 4 days out the week! By the time I unwind and sit down on the couch, it's already 11pm! Yikes! That's when I get to work on my nails. At first when I started this design journey I was limiting myself to weekends where I could really spend time on basic technique like polishing, cleaning and just basic stuff. I experimented so much since then.  It's been since December that I have been fooling around with nail art.  The only thing that gets me tripped up is photographs.  So I'm apologizing right now for crappy photography but I am just not spending the money on any equipment nor do I have the time to build a light box.  Also I don't have the time to figure out photoshop and all that crap.  What you see is all natural! No photoshopped images of fingers and cuticles smoothed out - this is the real deal peoples!

Enough talking and let's get on with today's post. Ok, to be honest, this was done back in May.  Colors used:

OPI - You only live once
OPI - Golden Age

Also I took the pic two days after I did it so there is already a bit of chipping on the polish and also my cuticles were drying out from the workout.  As you can see I am holding onto the lock on my gym locker.

So, this is the first tape mani and many more to come. Thanks everyone for reading.

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