Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wicked Sweet Nail Splatter

Hi Everyone, it's been a while because I had so many things happening in April and sitting down to update wasn't easy to do.

I scored this little set of neon polishes at TJ Maxx during the winter for less than $6! This is the Color Club wicked sweet collection and it's called that because each polish smells incredibly sweet - like raspberries.  There were four colors at 1/4 ounces each in the set:

"Wicked Sweet" - neon blue
"Raspberry Rush" - neon magenta
"Yum Gum" - neon pink
"Lem-on" - neon yellow

So as I wanted to use all four colors I chose to "Ombre" and "Nail Splatter".  The base of my splatter nails were Sinful Colors White.

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